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Tips for Using the Website

Recommended Web Browsers: All up to date web-browsers should work with the website, including Internet Explorer, but it runs optimally on Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome, allowing drag-and-drop rescheduling.

Booking A Room: To book a room, navigate to the day and room you wish to book and click the free space at the time you want the reservation to start. A small window will appear allowing you to specify the end time of the booking and how/if you would like schedule to repeat. Please input your first name under “label”, and once you have checked over the information, click “book” and your selected time will be reserved.

Un-Booking a Room: To cancel a booking, navigate to the day and room in question and select the [X] on the upper-right-hand corner of the block. If this is a repeated booking, you will be asked if you wish to delete this single time or all “future repeated booking” and choose accordingly.

Modifying a Booking: Using any web-browser you may navigate to the day and room of the booking and select [E] in the upper right hand corner to change the time of that single booking. If using Chrome or Firefox, you may drag and drop the meeting to any room/time you desire, and change the start/end times by stretching the top and bottom of the block. Both of these methods will only change that single booking. To change the properties of a repeated reservation, you must delete the booking and all “future repeated bookings” and create a new repeated schedule with the desired times.

Views: The main calendar page may be viewed either by day (recommended) showing each room, or by week showing a selected room. Also, you may change which rooms appear on the calendar by selecting “Suite 805/803/Unionville” from the drop-down box to have a more compact list, if you are only interested in viewing certain office spaces.

Guidelines: For any small changes, it is recommended you modify reservations, but if you are away or your schedule will be abnormal for a long period of time (i.e. 1 month), it would likely be easiest to delete your repeating reservation, and recreate a new one when you return/know your schedule.

Please do not include any information about who you will be seeing/what you will be doing in the “notes” area of each booking, even though they are private to you.

Also, it is recommended that you reserve rooms based on “when you are in the office”, using a single large block, rather than booking each session/appointment individually.

E-Mail Notifications: The same company e-mail address has been linked to all user accounts because each requires an e-mail address as a needless technicality, and the site will automatically send many (annoying) booking/modification/deletion/confirmation/reminder messages to this e-mail. We don’t think you would find it useful, but if you would like to try this feature, you may input your own e-mail address at any time.